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Rick & Gail Cummins

Gail and I began attending Believers Bible Church in March of 1992. We had previously been encouraged to participate by my parents Joan and Richard Cummins who had begun attending in Jan. 1991. Gail and I had recently returned from serving as missionaries to Spain and due to many roadblocks we would not be returning. I started a computer business called Learning Systems in July of 1992 out of my garage. As a result of God’s good provision for us, the business grew and in the 90’s I became a network engineer. I worked as a Self-employed contractor for 13 years in Information Systems. In March of 1995 I was ordained as an elder at BBC in which I have served until now, except for a 3 year sabbatical during the years 2002-2004. I currently work with my Father’s business, Cummins Operating, and have for the last 10 years. Because of my missions experience I have continued to work with the body at BBC in encouraging and developing relationships with our missionaries. My wife Gail is involved in many ministries in our community, either serving on their boards or being a leader with specific responsibilities. Living out our family and extended family relationship in Believer’s Bible has been one of the most powerful experiences that we have been privileged to share. We are so thankful to Christ, our Savior, for bringing us to this body and allowing us to serve with so many wonderful folks.

Terry & Tina Jacobson

Terry has been an elder at BBC since the early 90’s.  He was born in Deadwood, South Dakota and still feels like the Black Hills are home.   Terry graduated from Texas Tech University in 1980 and Texas Tech University School of Law in 1983.  He has been married to Tina since 1987 and they have 3 adult children–Abbie Stackhouse, Taylor Jacobson and Madeline Jacobson–a son in law David Stackhouse–and 2 grandchildren Kinsey and Wesley Stackhouse.  He practices civil trial law, teaches Sunday School and Bible studies and occasionally preaches.   He and his wife Tina travel to India twice a year for mission work.

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