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Steve Elkins

Senior Pastor

Steve and his wife, Marci, were both raised in East Dallas, and members of Casa View Baptist Church.  (Steve’s parents were the last living charter members….)

“We had a wonderful church—warm, high esteem for God’s Word, evangelistic, and a great youth group,” writes Steve.  “We also had great pastors and Sunday School teachers—it was really fun being a part!”

Steve came to faith at a very young age—through the godly teaching of his grandmother and parents.  Marci’s dad died when she was 5.  Her mom re-married a Casa View member, and Marci, too, came to faith very young through the influence of her step-dad.

They both were involved in Young Life in high school, and would later serve in that ministry for over 30 years.

Marci went on to become a dental hygienist, and also has her masters in accounting.  She took time-off from the workforce to homeschool the kids—Allie, Abbey, and Austin (all happily married now, in wonderful careers, and serving the Lord.).  When Austin started high school, Marci returned to dental hygiene, which she still does today.

After graduating with a business degree from SMU, Steve started at Dallas Seminary (Th.M.).  There, he studied under some of the great theological minds of our day—Geisler, Ryrie, Walvoord, and a professor who would later become his very best friend in life next to Marci, Zane Hodges.  Hodges not only taught him to love Greek, but the finer principles of exegesis and “free-grace” theology.

After seminary, Steve served as the East Dallas Young Life Area Director.  After that, he took the position of senior pastor at BBC, where he’s now been for ten years.

Steve has a passion for God’s Word, but also the free-grace Gospel it contains.

“John 3:16 really is the Gospel!” he often says, “It really is that simple!  A child can understand it.  We don’t have to add any addendums or explanations.  ‘Believe, Jesus, for Eternal Life!’ –That’s the message in all John’s evangelistic passages!”  –Steve’s strong conviction is, if you get the Gospel right, then it’s ‘clear-sailing’ for understanding the rest of the Bible.  You won’t get tripped-up when it’s a ‘Christian-life’ section, or a passage about discipleship or rewards—because it’s obvious those are not to be confused with the clear, free, simple message of the Gospel.

“Plus,” adds Steve, “Each of us—psychologically, emotionally, spiritually—need to know God’s grace and unconditional love.  We need that as a bedrock at the core of our being, both for knowing Him well, and living well! We each need—at our core—to know the absolute security, assurance, love and grace of the Lord.  And that’s prima facie in the Gospel!”

When you understand the Gospel well, so as not to get tripped-up, the rest of the Bible unfolds “like tender meat off the bone,” showing us how to live a life pleasing to Him.

Steve’s commitment to accurate exposition met perfectly with BBC’s philosophies. Since it was first begun, BBC has always had a strong commitment to grace, God’s Word, and maintaining the warm-spirit that comes from those things.

Michael Hewett

Youth Pastor
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Krystal Bennett

Children’s Minister

Krystal graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. She is currently a 5th grade Reading teacher at Rice Intermediate/Middle School in Rice, Texas. She has been in children’s ministry since 2007, serving as a volunteer, teacher, and ministry coordinator before coming to BBC.

Melanie Casmer

Church Secretary

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